¿What does Calacas means?

We explain the details of our new Mexican-inspired window!

The word itself is a colloquial expression used in Mexico, referring to the figure of a skull or skeleton used to decorate during the day of the Dead. It comes from a belief that no soul wants to be remembered in a sad way, because death must be a happy event.

We have always fascinated the ancestral beliefs of all cultures. But Mexico in particular, has stolen our hearts. And what better way to pay tribute and materialize this idea in our window, making it coincide with the holiday of  1 of November? The two pieces are made by the Escuela de Arte Xifré, based on wood, using a mixed technique. With regard to lighting, the two “calacas” carry light bulbs of the Aromas del Campo brand. On the front, the blue has the wall lamp Spider by Aromas del Campo installed, and the rose, the Marset wall lamp, Discocó.

Don’t think twice about it and come to see them in person. We wait for you!

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